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Website Usability is Very Important

If you are a web designer and developer you will know that the usability factor of a website is terribly important. There are several usability components that should be contemplated on every designer’s web development proposition to improve its visibility and increase in value its usability. It is of most importance that you check your web design’s usability earlier in the website development at various stages, so that necessary amendments as in its design and Search Engine Optimization can be accomplished easily without having the website clashing with its routine on the internet.

Monitor Traffic to determine Strengths and Weaknesses

Monitoring the website’s traffic is obviously an essential part of a good website development practice. Keeping track on visitors going to your website and navigating to and from various pages will determine the strength and weaknesses of your website. And correspondingly, you will know which web page, or even what part of a web page generates more traffic and how long visitors stay on that certain page, or area. In this manner you can create and use a better appeal to your website for better results and visitors’ experience.

Make Content Easy to Read

It should appear evident that scannable pages are more inviting. It has already been proven that web users particularly avoid reading the whole web page and spends much less time on a website. They usually scan rapidly through the page, which means that you should keep important sentences highlighted and your sub headings in bold and perhaps use a variety of colors.

Create Tags for Good SEO

It’s important to include a tag line to your website. An appropriate tag line in a website will show the exact purpose of your business and it helps create a pleasing impression to your visitors. Use a catchy and effective tag line that is related to the business. This will definitely help your visitors to understand what your business is all about and draw a larger number of visitors to your website.

Good Navigation Makes for Happy Visitors

Make sure that you provide the appropriate navigation path to the product types and categories. E-commerce websites providing an extensive range of products have higher usability when their lay out design provide a perfect navigation strategy. It should invite visitors to browse through product categories easily with their name, price, product details and other important product high points. If you fail to do this, visitors won’t be happy with your product details and because of that you will lose potential customers.

Good web designers should have some basic knowledge about the proper use of typography in the web page and they should use it sensibly. It is a must know that the typography used in website design has a lot to do with the usability of the website.

If you are involved in online marketing, make sure that the check out process is as simple as possible for customers. About 65% of potential customers discard their shopping carts because of complicated check outs.

Applying the tips above mentioned in developing your website will enhance its usability and will make it more accessible to your visitors. This together with a good Search Engine Optimization (SEO) practice enhances the possibility of transforming visitors into real and return customers. Executive coach helps clients significantly improve their attitude on work and life, while improving their leadership skills. Feel free to join life coaching programe.

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